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25th Feb 2019

This Parks & Rec/Fyre Festival mashup is comedy gold

Rudi Kinsella

fyre festival

The Andy King memes are not going away anytime soon

We don’t need to give you any introduction when it comes to the Fyre Festival documentary that dropped on Netflix recently. It’s crazy, it’s hilarious, it’s heartbreaking. You’ve all seen it.

And even if you haven’t seen it, we bet you’ve heard about one story in particular from it.

That story is of course, the story of Andy King, the man that was willing to go above and beyond in his attempts to keep the Fyre Festival going.

Naturally, King’s bizarre story got the meme treatment online, and they haven’t stopped just yet. Most recently, it was the cast of Parks & Recreation that have weighed in on the whole thing.

In a video that was filmed for the Independent Spirit Awards, Jim O’Heir, who played Jerry in Parks & Rec, told a similar story to Andy King’s, except this one featured Aubrey Plaza.

Have a look here:

Hilarious stuff.

And they addressed the fact that King took mouthwash before he went to do the deed. He really needs to explain that.