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05th Oct 2017

Seth Rogen’s new TV series is about a time-travelling nerd trying to save mankind from herpes. That is all.

Back To The Future + Hot Tub Time Machine = THIS.

Rory Cashin

Back To The Future + Hot Tub Time Machine = THIS.

Seth Rogen’s last foray into the world of television gave us the very good but underrated Preacher series, and he’s dipping his toe back into the TV world with Future Man.

It tells the story of Josh (played by The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson), who works as a janitor at a medical facility by day, and is one of the world’s best gamers by night.

When he becomes the first person to finish a new, ridiculously difficult video-game, two time-travellers (Happy Ending’s Eliza Coupe and Preacher’s Derek Wilson) come back from the year 2162 to inform Josh that he might be the only person who can stop the annihilation of mankind.

Turns out that the owner of the medical facility (Community’s Keith David) is looking for a cure to herpes, and accidentally ends up causing the complete destruction of mankind.

So Josh and the time-travellers attempt to go further back in time to stop him from getting herpes in the first place.

Clip via Hulu

A mix of Hot Tub Time Machine, The Last Starfighter, Back To The Future and The Terminator (“You can’t kill a baby!”), Future Man looks like it will be bringing the funny for anyone with any kind of love for science fiction movies, TV shows and video-games.

All 13 episodes will be available on the Hulu streaming service from Tuesday 14 November.