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20th Jan 2017

21 times Snapchat was fucking hilarious

Thank god someone screenshotted these.

Rich Cooper

1. Didn’t really think that one through, did they?

Photo: agentfox



Photo: tjmiles2


3. I know you’re trying to be helpful, lettuce, but you’re not.

Photo: Imgur


4. There’s something wrong with that soap…

Photo: OsuJaws


5. It was written in the stars (and on her birth certificate).

Photo: rachel3597


6. One moment, two different interpretations.

Photo: oldirtybrandon


7. Maybe it only works for Kelis.

Photo: canyewknot


8. Quite the pick-up lime.

Photo: SilentGatorade


9. All part of the service, sir.

Photo: Mupster556


10. When your face gets tired of your face and decides to scoot on out of there.

Photo: Imgur


11. No one said love was easy, or polite.

Photo: Dancoolface


12. “How hot is it in Australia today?”

Photo: N1nja2202


13. It’s Halloween and your dad just got Snapchat. What could go wrong?

Photo: OhDearYouAreDead


14. Your mum got Snapchat too, but just uses it to remind you about stuff.

Photo: burritopalace


15. Damn, how much did I drink?

Photo: bobdolan1


16. UberPOOL is always a bit of a gamble.

Photo: Creepyroblowe


17. There’s definitely some kind of upgrade or secret item in there.

Photo: optimistlax17


18. What’s that?

Photo: sporks49


19. Yeah, very probably.

Photo: HogNutsJohnson


20. If only there was some way to undo this horror.

Photo: Imgur


21. You… you monster.

Photo: Imgur