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This Friends theory will change how you view Joey Tribbiani
This gets a little confusing...stay with us.

When it comes to the 'Friends' characters, we're all probably up to date with their backstories and roles on the show.

This new theory has changed things around for Matt LeBlanc's character Joey Tribbiani.

The folks over at Digital Spy noticed something about Joey's character which changes everything. They believe that Joey Tribbiani was a real person, not a character.

Weird, we know, but let us explain.

It all comes from one actor who had a role in both Friends and then Matt LeBlanc's spin-off show Joey.

Star Trek star Brent Spiner once interviewed Rachel for a job at Gucci. His name on the show was James Campbell.

So it was Brent Spiner playing James Campbell.

Buuuuut, when Brent Spiner appeared on Joey he played himself.


If you think about it, Joey and Friends as shows are both in the same universe. Joey came from Friends and therefore retained all previous characters in theory.

So how is it that Brent could appear as James in Friends but then as himself in Joey?

This is where the new theory comes into play. Digital Spy thinks that the show Joey is "real life" and that Joey is playing himself on that show but was playing the role of Joey inĀ Friends.

Stay with us...

Think of Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, if you will, where Will Smith plays a role about his "real life". Now compare that to the Joey show, imagining that Joey is a real person.

So Joey Tribbiani got his own show about his life as an actor after he played a role under his name on Friends.

If that doesn't melt your brain then I don't know what will.


Either that, or Brent forgot to mention that he had a minor role on Friends when being cast for Joey.

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