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14th Jun 2018

Friends of Love Island’s Hayley reveal she isn’t as stupid as people think she is

Wil Jones

Love Island’s Hayley Hughes is basically the female Karl Pilkington.

These are some of the gems she has come out with so far:

  1. She thought Brexit was about cutting down trees
  2. She didn’t know what an earlobe was
  3. She had never heard the words ‘aura’ or ‘superficial’

Just in case you didn’t see the infamous, brilliant Love Island Brexit discussion, here it is.

So anyway, it’s easy to see why she’s gotten a reputation for not being the smartest brain in the villa.

But we think that’s a little harsh. And it turns we’d be right.

Talking to The Sun, an unnamed friend of Hayley has revealed that Hayley actually did pretty well in school

She’s definitely not that stupid. I can’t believe no one else has said anything.

She did really well in her A Levels and GCSEs. She managed to get the grades to do that course, but she dropped out to pursue an acting career.

The friend went on to say that Hayley got B grades at A Level in ICT, Science, and Health and Social Care, at Sir John Bosco Arts College in Liverpool, and then went on to study Childhood and Youth Studies at Liverpool Hope University.

So is it all an act then? Is this all just performance art? Is Hayley this generation’s Andy Kaufman?


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