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22nd Jun 2018

Friend of Sophie Gradon says Love Island ‘needs to offer more aftercare’

Wil Jones

Former Love Island contestant Sophie Gradon was found dead on Wednesday night

Police are not treating her death as suspicious.

Gradon appeared on 2016 series of the show. She was just 32 years old.

Now one of her fellow contestants from show, who remained friends with Gradon after the series finished, has spoken out about the need for reality TV programmes to offer more support to those who appear on them.

Malin Andersson, who also on the same series of Love Island as Gradon, told BBC Newsbeat: “There just needs to be more done about it and a lot more aftercare provided by certain reality TV shows.”

She said there was a “downside to reality TV”, and that it was a “weird industry” to be involved in.

“It’s like you’re constantly reaching for some kind of high and when work dies down and things go quiet you’re constantly trying to chase it – and that’s where depression can kick in.

“A lot of fellow friends that have been on shows have said the same, and it’s something that’s not looked into as much. It’s really serious. I’ve been there myself and it’s horrible.”

She also tweeted out her feelings on the show following Gradon’s death.

Anderson said that she and Gradon had continues to stay in contact after they both left the show.

“She did talk to me a lot about personal situations quite close to when the show had finished.

“It was a shock for both of us when we came out of the villa, and I completely understood where she was coming from because I felt the same.”