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09th Jul 2024

Free climber didn’t know crane was covered in grease before hanging from top

Zoe Hodges

‘I had a few close calls’

A free climber in Dubai diced with death after discovering the 1,280ft crane he was climbing on was slathered in grease.

Daredevil YouTuber Adam Lockwood, who goes by the name Nuisance, initially thought that the crane was just full of desert dust but it was actually grease.

He revealed that before he went up the crane, he was initially stopped but managed to talk his way out of trouble (or into trouble depending which way you look at it) and climbed the structure anyway.

In the clip titled ‘Hanging off the tallest crane in Dubai (390m) after getting caught’ Lockwood explains how he was stopped.

“I didn’t want to walk up 77 floors in the 45 degree heat. I didn’t think anyone would be in the elevator.

“He starts shouting at me in Arabic. I used Google Translate to explain how I was working on site and forgot something (obviously not true but it’s always worth a try) so he sent me down the stairs, on my own.

“He showed me the stairs, watched me walk down a floor and left. I changed to the opposite stairwell and carried on going up, my blag worked.”

Lockwood could hear workers on various floors and had to change stairwells several times before he reached the top.

He took a GoPro with him and showed the camera the grease on his hands as he swung upside down from the crane.

When he returned from his climb, he told the camera: “Wow, I’m not doing that again. On my life, I’m not doing that again.”

He continued: “When I first looked at the footage, I was thinking to myself, ‘this is it, this is the most incredible thing I’ve done’.

“The fact I hung off the tallest crane in Dubai on the doorstep of the world’s tallest building is something special and I feel like it was definitely worth the risk and legal consequences if I was caught.

“Climbing up the jib, I quickly realised the whole crane was covered in grease that I couldn’t even see, at first I thought it was dust from the desert but checking my hands it was grease, feet and hands slipping on everything I touched.

“I had four close calls whilst climbing up and coming down I had a few close calls too.”

As he descended, he wore a hard hat to try and blend in with the workers on site.


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