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27th Feb 2017

Former X Factor winner James Arthur features in incredibly cringeworthy moment on Sunday Brunch

He wasn't impressed at all

Nooruddean Choudry

Yep. There’s no two ways about it. This was awkward for everyone involved.

The good folk at Sunday Brunch always do their best to make their celebrity guests feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible. Both Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer are always hospitable and friendly, whilst the production team often go that extra mile to show their love for whoever is on.

This weekend’s episode was no different, as 2012 X Factor winner James Arthur was invited onto the show to promote his latest album, ‘Back From The Edge’. Unlike many alumni of the ITV talent show, the 28-year-old has enjoyed a level of sustained success and popularity in the hit parade since his win.

Seeing as Arthur hails from Middlesbrough, the Brunch crew decided to organise a special treat for him by way of a local dessert called ‘Lemon tops’. It basically consists of of dairy ice cream in a cone, with a blob of lemon sorbet on top. The original inventors are a Teeside family company called the Pacittos.

Anyway, Tim and Simon did their best to recreate the local speciality for the pop star, who was somewhat underwhelmed by their efforts – and that’s being kind. Another way of putting it is that he was a bit ungrateful. His response on tasting a specially recreated ‘lemon top’ was: “This is not the one guys, I’m afraid.”

Fellow guest Aisling Bea mouthed ‘wow’ to the reaction, whilst both hosts did their best to stay cheerful after an awkward silence. Sharon Horgan was a little more blunt (and hilarious) when she responded: “I think they’re really good – I think you’re super fussy…”