Foo Fighters and James Corden fans will absolutely love their full Carpool Karaoke 3 years ago

Foo Fighters and James Corden fans will absolutely love their full Carpool Karaoke


Given the rather interesting week that both Dave Grohl and James Corden have had, both men must have been delighted to cut loose and sing some tunes in the latest Carpool Karaoke.

Following criticisms, the TV host has already stated that he was "disappointed" by his own behaviour after posing for that controversial photo with former Trump's former Press Secretary Sean Spicer at the Emmy's.

As for the Foo Fighters, the band had to issue an apology after hundreds of their fans were denied entry to their recent gig at London's O2 Arena. In a statement, Foo Fighters said that "unscrupulous secondary ticket agencies" were the source of the widespread pre-gig confusion which saw hundreds of ticket holders being denied entry.

“Foo Fighters, SJM and The O2 are frustrated and saddened that despite their best efforts tickets for last night’s show at the O2 fell into the hands of unscrupulous secondary ticket agencies. Unfortunately, this meant a small number of fans purchasing bogus tickets from these unscrupulous outlets did not get into the sold out show. Foo Fighters, The O2 and SJM strongly advise and sincerely hope that in the future ALL fans buy tickets only from legitimate sites to ensure they are not defrauded out of their hard earned money," said the statement.

Well, if you're looking for even more Foo fun then these impromptu versions of All My Life, Best of You, Learn to Fly and the heaviest cover of Rick Astley's classic Never Gonna Give You Up is definitely for you.

In between songs, we get to hear some stories about the history of the band, Dave Grohl's take on that infamous leg break, Corden's skills as a drummer and Taylor Hawkins being embarrassed beyond belief.

Take a look.