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20th Sep 2016

Here’s your very first look at the new Jumanji film starring The Rock and Kevin Hart

The sequel to the 90s classic has started shooting

Paul Moore

Very different look to the beloved Robin Williams film.

We love The Rock and we’re delighted to see that he has 7,427 films coming out in the next few months. Nah, we’re kidding. It’s 7,426.

Dwayne Johnson is arguably the busiest man in Hollywood and plenty of you will have a keen interest in his next big-budget film, the sequel to the beloved Robin Williams adventure Jumanji.

The 1995 original, which saw a man trapped inside a board game finally released 26 years later by a couple of kids playing the game, remains one of those lazy Sunday nostalgic watches and Kevin Hart has just released a teaser glimpse of what’s in store with the sequel.

Here’s a look at the characters that will be played by The Rock (Dr. Bravestone), Jack Black, Karen Gillan (Martha) and Kevin Hart. Judging by the expressions on their faces (particularly Hart’s) it would appear they’ve made a pretty sizeable discovery.

In the post Hart bigs up the ‘chemisty & energy’ shared by everyone working on the movie so far. He and The Rock already have the buddy comedy thing nailed so we’d expect them to have a ball making this.

The wrestling legend has been very clear that the new film intends to continue the ‘awesome Jumanji story’, rather than redo it.

The Jumanji sequel is directed by Jake Kasdan, who made Bad Teacher and Sex Tape, and it will be released on July 28, 2017.

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