First look at Macaulay Culkin in American Horror Story Season 10 4 months ago

First look at Macaulay Culkin in American Horror Story Season 10

Macaulay Culkin becomes the next surprise star to enter the AHS universe

For the majority of people, no matter which generation you fall under, Macaulay Culkin is pretty much universally known as Kevin from Home Alone. However, the now 40-year-old actor looks set to take his career in its darkest direction yet.


While certainly not as prolific as other recognisable Hollywood faces, Culkin has appeared in more than you'd think: he's just been selective about his films and TV appearances.

On the other hand, he's never taken himself too seriously and did grace us with that clever Google Assitant ad back in 2018. Best put: Culkin has range for days and his next role looks set to prove just that.

American Horror Story is a cult-hit not only in the nation that gifts the show its name but in the UK and around the world too. After several delays due to Covid-19, production on season 10 finally began in October of 2020 and the first images are starting to be drip-fed.

Showrunner, Ryan Murphy posted this image on his Instagram, showing Leslie Grossman - who has appeared in three different series already - as well as new cast member, Macaulay Culkin.


While the title of the AHS season 10 remains unknown, it is believed that it will air sometime in 2021. Better still, who would have ever thought they'd see Macaulay Culkin in American History?