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22nd May 2019

First Dates contestant says she was catfished by her ‘best friends’

Jade Hayden

This isn’t great

There are certain things that you’re generally expected to do as a mate.

Hang out with your friends. Be there for them when they’re sad. And, obviously, not to pretend to be somebody texting them for the laugh.

On this week’s episode of First Dates, a diner named Maria recalled the time that her so-called “best friends” catfished her into thinking she was chatting to a guy named Will.

Maria said that she was texting ‘Will’ thinking that she had previously met him on a night out, but when she informed her friends that he was apparently coming to meet her, they revealed the truth.

“They knew I wanted a boyfriend. They knew my weaknesses,” she said on camera, visibly shaken.

“They were my best friends. I don’t really understand how you can manipulate and make someone feel so small.”

Maria, who went on a date with a guy named Albert, said that the night in question ended just how you’d expect it to – in tears.

“I went home and I cried all the way home,” she said. “How can you toy with my emotions like that? Sorry, I never thought I’d get emotional about it. I haven’t got emotional about it for so long.”

Maria and Albert got on well enough but sadly, they didn’t end up seeing each other again after that first date.

The caption at the end of the episode read: “In the end, Albert wasn’t quite ready to wade into deeper water with Maria but Maria knows there are plenty more fish in the sea.”