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18th Jul 2018

First Dates Australia had one of the most awkward moments that you’ll ever see

Paul Moore

Yeah, they’re not ever going to see each other again.

Given the popularity of dating apps and other media, the dating game has completely changed and there isn’t a person out there that doesn’t have a ‘bad date’ story.

Well, unless you’re one of the few people that 1) married your first boyfriend/girlfriend, 2) has always been lucky in the romantic department – i.e. never had a date with an absolute weirdo, 3) can always see the positives from any situation, no matter how bad it is.

Anyway, the eternal conundrum on First Dates reappeared and it made for incredibly awkward and entertaining TV.

As they’re about to end their meal, Libby and Nick were discussing the issue of splitting the bill. Not only did Nick not want to pay or split the bill, he also “forgot” his wallet.

Rather than interject and pay his half, Libby was content to let Nick hand over his mobile as collateral to the restaurant staff while he went outside and looked for it.

You have to give it to First Dates, it’s just absolutely brilliant car crash TV.

You can take a look at the whole discussion here.

Clip via – First Dates


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