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Know anyone that would fancy this?

Hell, even if you're single, the chances are that you would love to appear on First Dates - how much fun would that be?

We've all seen the various dates unfold and thought to ourselves, 'I would never have said that,' there's no way it's going to last,' or 'ahh they're definitely going to be snogging each other in the taxi!'

Well, if you, or any of your mates, fancy their chances of finding love in the UK's most beloved restaurant then Fred has just the thing for you.

The show is still working on its magic recipe for love but as we all know, singletons are the key ingredients.

Think you're a Cassanova? Reckon your blind date would find it impossible to resist your charms? Do you have enough cheek, fun and wit to talk your way out of anything?

Well, if your flirting skills are top notch, it's time to see if you can find love on Britain's most beloved dating show.

Hell, even if you strike out, at least you'll get a decent drink, fine food and an interesting memory to share with your mates.


More information can be found here. Best of luck!

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