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21st Jun 2017

First Dates are holding auditions and they’re looking for single people

Paul Moore

Know any single people that might be up for this?

Are you single? Are you unlucky in love? Do you want to go on national television to try and change your status from ‘It’s Complicated’ to ‘In A Relationship?’

If you answer YES to those questions, then you need to apply to be in the next series of First Dates Hotel.

First Dates is coming to Manchester and the producers are looking for single people to appear in a new series of the beloved Channel 4 dating show.

The show is located in Southern Italy, and after their first date, participants are given the opportunity to go on a second date. You know, if things go well and the romance doesn’t die on its arse. If a couple actually hit it off, they can remain at the hotel and go on a second date.

Producers will be in Manchester on the 1st July to begin casting for both First Dates and First Dates Hotel.

Do you happen to know any singletons that are fun, flirty and fancy being on TV? The casting team are looking for people and you can find all the details here.

Here’s hoping that we get more TV gold like this moment of brutal honesty, or this empowering message.

Best of luck with your application.