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27th Aug 2015

FIFA might be addictive, but it’s surely not worth this…

It's only a game...

Simon Lloyd

Perhaps we can relate to the feeling of being mildly irritated by people when we’re trying to focus on a game of FIFA… but maybe not to this extent.

FIFA, despite being a game, seems to mean an awful lot to some people.

We’ve lost count of the amount of elaborate apologies FIFA players have had to make after losing to their mates, while many a controller (and more) has been broken in a fit of rage when things go wrong.

We’re sure that there are many wives and girlfriends out there that would say that FIFA has got in the way of their relationships. In this case though, a relationship seems to have got in the way of this anonymous young man’s FIFA.


Most sane people would probably say that it’s a bit dramatic and others would legitimately speculate that the relationship may not have been that strong in the first place (the lad in question is 15 after all).

Tough break for the poor girl at the same time; fingers crossed she doesn’t go out with a Football Manager devotee next, those people are on another level altogether.