Fantastic scenes as Denzel Washington randomly drops by to visit a great-grandmother and her family 4 years ago

Fantastic scenes as Denzel Washington randomly drops by to visit a great-grandmother and her family

Denzel Washington is an absolute gent. This is fantastic.

In an era of instant celebrity, there's something reassuring in the knowledge that certain Hollywood stars remain beloved not only because of their body of work but also by how they behave in public.


In that sense, Denzel Washington is the prime example of a bonafide Hollywood icon that still remains humble, genuine and in touch with the world around him. Aside from being a gifted actor, he's also an absolute gentleman.

Truth be told, if any actor deserved to have an ego it would be Washington because, in a stellar career that's spanned five decades,  he has consistently delivered superb performances and starred in some iconic films.

Training Day, Man On Fire, American Gangster, The Hurricane, Malcolm X, Philadelphia, Remember the Titans and Glory are just some of the memorable films that he's featured in, but the two-time Oscar-winning actor still remains as humble as ever.


Over the weekend, Washington left a grandmother from Chicago absolutely speechless when he turned up at her doorstep.

As reported by The Telegraph, Washington was visiting the city’s South Side area when he got lost on the way to a restaurant.

Rather than just make a detour and head back, Washington and his driver got out of the car to asked for directions at a nearby home that belongs to Juanita Hubbard.

What follows is absolutely great as 86-year-old Juanita, and her extended family, have a lovely chat with the talented actor about his career, fame and how much they all love his films.


We absolutely adore Denzel's answer when one of the family members says that he's (Washington) such an important and inspirational person for the African-American community.

To quote Denzel's most famous line, "I guarantee" you'll enjoy this!

What an absolute gentleman.