Fans react to Rowan Atkinson's 'crazy' series trailer about a man fighting a bee 1 month ago

Fans react to Rowan Atkinson's 'crazy' series trailer about a man fighting a bee

There's a bee and Rowan Atkinson- that's all you need to know

Fans are reacting to Netflix's upcoming series starring Rowan Atkinson that centres around a man and his fight against a solitary bee.


Rowan Atkinson, 67, has become synonymous with slapstick, often goofy comedy. The trailer of his latest venture, entitled "Man Vs Bee", was released on May 26 and has since been trending online.

"Rowan Atkinson stars in Man Vs Bee, a comedy series that will get the whole family buzzing," reads the official Netflix description.


From the trailer, Atkinson seemingly plays Trevor, who has finally landed a job house-sitting for a woman whose house looks like something from Sims. Basically, she's loaded.

The trailer opens with Trevor standing before a judge who reads out a series of crimes, including "14 counts of dangerous driving, the destruction of property and priceless artwork, and arson."

It seems like while house-sitting, Trevor came across a lone bee. Said insect refuses to vacate the property, which leads to a series of unfortunate events.


Reacting to the trailer online, one fan wrote: "Rowan Atkinson chasing a bee for 6-10 hours? ABSOLUTELY!"

"I pretty much enjoy whatever Rowan does so I'll definitely give this a shot lol," another wrote.


There were also numerous comparisons to Bee Movie, which also sees a human and bee relationship, though arguably starkly different.

Another fan said: "Netflix begging people to reconsider their decisions to cancel by rolling out the Man vs Bee trailer like a cat saying sorry by dropping a dead mouse on your pillow."

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