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11th Oct 2018

Fanny Chmelar returns to The Chase and Bradley Walsh can’t keep it together

Return of the Chmel (once again)
bradley walsh hears fanny chmelar

Return of the Chmel (once again)

The Chase fan favourite Fanny Chmelar made a return tonight and Bradley Walsh was reduced to a sniggering wreck.

Five years ago Walsh couldn’t ask the question “In what sport does Fanny Chmelar compete for Germany?” So affected was he by the double entendre.

bradley walsh hears fanny chmelar for the first time

In a cashbuilder round on Thursday night, contestant Ben offered Chmelar as an answer without cracking a smile when asked “Which Dutch artist created The Geographer and The Art of Painting?” (Vermeer.)

Walsh realised what had happened moments later and started to giggle, before breaking out in convulsions of laughter at the end of the round, asking Ben “Who put you up to that?”

The show’s historic character has stayed in fan folklore and Ben replied “It’s been on my mind for a while.”

Walsh told Lorraine last year: “I’d love to meet her, just to apologise. She must have had enough of it by now.

“The poor thing. I do apologise. I have to apologise to Fanny. I’m sorry Fanny. She’s a very good downhill skier by all accounts.”