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23rd Apr 2018

A familiar face is back in Albert Square tonight to drop a massive bombshell

Jade Hayden

Things are heating up in the square.

It’s been awhile now since EastEnders has had a bombshell drop.

Well, it’s not at all actually – but it’s been awhile since EastEnders has had a bombshell drop that wasn’t totally ridiculous, unrealistic, or just a bit stupid really.

Tonight though, it looks like we may finally get a bomb drop that isn’t completely out of this world and makes us want to switch the channel over to re-runs of The Chase or a documentary about penguin migration.

Because Max Branning is back.

Max hasn’t been seen in the square since his daughter’s Abi’s funeral back in February so it’s safe to say that people are fairly surprised when they see him roaming about the place.

Not only is he behind the re-opening of the car lot, but this move is also going to launch himself into a feud with none other than Phil Mitchell.

So, you know, lots of good content to come out of that though.

The inevitable drama that Max is about to cause isn’t anything to do with Phil or the lot though – it’s to do with Stacey.

She, like most people, is fairly shocked to see him wandering about the place, but it’s what Max tells her that really stresses Stacey out.

Will he reveal that he really killed Abi? Is he going to admit that he has loved Stacey all of these years? Or is he just going to say he’s back to rough Phil up or something?

There’s only one way to find out.