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27th Feb 2018

Coronation Street viewers spot glaring error on last night’s show

Jade Hayden

Coronation Street is on telly a lot.

Like, loads.

Like, about five times a week or something mad like that.

Imagine for a second that you had to produce that much television content week-by-week – it’s hardly unfair to say that you wouldn’t waste time double checking every single frame for potential blunders.

That’s why when a mistake shows up in Corrie, it’s generally grand.

If the blunder isn’t miscommunicating a health issue or misrepresenting a group of people, things tend to be OK.

Nobody died because of a continuity error, it’s grand.

Still though, that doesn’t make these minor blunders any less gas and worthy of pointing out online though.

After all, what else would you be doing on a Monday night?

During last night’s programme, Maria’s son Liam was flaking out on the couch playing his PS4.

Maria started giving out to him for copying Craig’s OCD behaviour, however, viewers noticed that the light on Liam’s gaming controlling wasn’t even on.


If you have ever played a PS4 or an Xbox or whatever, you’ll know that most of these controllers are now wireless meaning that to connect to the console they need to be switched on.

When they are switched on, a light will appear, etc.

Liam’s light wasn’t on, meaning that the console he was supposed to be playing clearly wasn’t on either, which does make sense considering producers obviously shot these scene quickly and didn’t see it necessary to attain such a high level of realism for it.

(Liam was also apparently playing a game that came out in 1992 on a PS4 but we won’t go there.)

Regardless, viewers noticed and they sent a few tweets about it.

Well for them.