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27th Jun 2017

Facebook is about to start its own television series

Bound to happen

Darragh Berry

There’s no escaping it now.

Whether we’re at a concert, at the cinema, at work or even just chilling at home, the phone must be nearby and nine times out of ten, we will be scrolling through our Facebook feed to see what’s new.

According to CBN News, the social media platform has begun production of its own television series and game show which Facebook plans to broadcast.

The company hope to start distributing content on our slightly bigger screens by the end of summer 2017 which they hope will boost their already two billion strong monthly users worldwide.

There is some big money going into the television series and game show and according to CBN News, the social media platform has already spend $3 million per episode which will make it one of the highest budgeted productions on US television.

Facebook has not yet revealed who they will team up with for its content-production but they have apparently included “Hollywood studios and agencies representing actors” in their wish list for their new television endeavour.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s vice president, Nick Grudin, said that the companies goal was to make Facebook a “place where people can come together around video.”

If successful, this could be the first of many television show productions that Facebook creates in hope of extending their community and the company hope to produce sporting, reality and gaming content in the future.

They will initially fund the show off their own back at first according to the vice president but depending on the success of the television shows, they will hope to introduce the likes of Ad Breaks which will be connected with their online platform.

This Ad Break software tool, which you have probably spotted on many Facebook videos at this stage, will automatically put adverts into Facebook’s online content.