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14th Apr 2017

Everything we learned about Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

Paul Moore

“It’s time for the Jedi to end”. We’re also told that “things are going to get dire”.  We cant wait!

Christ, we still have Death Star-sized goosebumps after seeing that trailer.

Right, what else was said at Star Wars Celebration as the director and cast of Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi gathered to talk about the world’s most anticipated film.

Here’s the superb poster.

Mark Hamill on Luke

“Luke has been a hermit on this island. There’s so much said about what he has said and done. It’s not Luke’s story anymore, but he’s an important part of the arc overall and there’s still a lot of mystery to him.” he said.

Rian Johnson on the plot

We were told that the film will start in the aftermath of the destruction of Starkiller Base. “They did take out the seed of the Republic in The Force Awakens and the First Order are jumping on that at the start of the film. Things are going to get dire” Johnson revealed.

Carrie Fisher will 100% be in the film.

It’s not the Resistance without the General.

Daisy Ridley on Rey’s development.

We’re promised that the film will delve “deeper into Rey’s story”  but when asked about her relationship with Luke, the actress gave a cryptic answer.

“Rey has an expectation about what she will be getting from Luke. It’s difficult when you meet your heroes because it might not be what you expect”, she said.

Rian Johnson on filming in Ireland

“We were up and down he west coast of Ireland and everywhere we went, we were so welcomed. For anyone watching in Ireland , we miss you . You welcomed us so much and we loved everyone we met. From all of us, we had such a great time there and shot some beautiful landscapes.”

We’re going to be seeing some motherf**king AT-ATs

YES! The First Order is striking back!

John Boyega on Finn

“Finn and Poe’s relationship does blossom. There’s always a new adventure for us to go on. Finn is in recovery but he will be back in The Last Jedi. And he’s not playing this time! The Last Jedi is a test for all characters, Finn wants to find his place now. Is he going to be a part of the resistance or is he going to keep running away from the First Order?”. We’ll see”, said Boyega.

The homages to the previous films.

During the trailer, you can clearly hear the voices of several famous Star Wars characters from previous films.

0:46 – Leia: “Help me Obi-Wan”

0:51 – Darth Vader breath

0:53 Obi Wan: “Seduced by the dark side”

Kylo Ren might have a new helmet.

Maybe he’s having another one of his famous temper tantrums?

Given that Vader’s mask was burned on a pyre, we’re assuming that this is Kylo’s.

Meet a new character.

We were informed that Kelly-Marie Tran will play a character named Rose.

Rose is part of the Resistance and she works in maintenance. Here’s what she looks like.

“It’s time for the Jedi to end”.

Luke Skywalker isn’t happy about something. The attack that’s led by Captain Phasma looks like it might have been on the Jedi temple from this image.

On the plus side, the Millenium Falcon is back in business.

Watch it again here. Christ, is it December yet?

The Force is strong with this one.

Clip via – Star Wars


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