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07th Jun 2018

Everyone had the same reaction to Rosie pieing Alex on Love Island

Alex has already won the nation's heart


How dare you Rosie. How dare you.

Alex, otherwise known as The Doctor, is having a tough time on Love Island. Somehow, amongst the likes of Eyal, Niall and Adam, intelligent, softly-spoken Alex is struggling to find his match.

Actually, that isn’t surprising. That isn’t surprising at all.

Anyway, he was chosen to take one of the new arrivals on a date in the shape of Rosie, the lawyer. Things seemed to be going pretty well and Alex had some good things to say about their chemistry during the candlelit dinner.

Rosie, however, didn’t seem too keen on The Love Doctor™️, and revealed to the other girls that she “can’t see it being more than friends”.

The entirety of Twitter – who are apparently all big fans of Alex – was immediately up in arms, as you can see below:

Will Alex ever find love? Find out in 10 years time on Love Island 2028.