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23rd May 2019

UK’s last-placed Eurovision entry has points tally lowered after contest

Wayne Farry


What a tragic end to a tragic night

The United Kingdom finished bottom of the 2019 Eurovision final with just 16 points, but unfortunately for singer Michael Rice the organisers of the contest have now revealed that – days later – that score has been lowered to 11.

Michael Rice’s song Bigger Than Us was quite bad, and as a result saw the UK continue their recent tradition of performing absolutely appallingly in the contest.

The song was initially awarded 16 points in total, but due to a mistake caused by substitute points awarded after the dismissal of the Belarusian jury.

The error does not change the top four, with the Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence remaining the winner with his song Arcade.

Belarus’ jury were suspended after their votes for Saturday’s semi-final were leaked online.

The Eurovision Broadcast Union said it then created a “substitute aggregated result” based on the average of other countries’ votes.

The maximum amount of points that a nation can award to another for their song is 12, meaning that in the entire contest the UK received less than the maximum for one vote.

Not fucking great.