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14th May 2017

Lucie Jones’ cheeky Eurovision dig at Ireland gets plenty of equally cheeky responses

'It burns'

Conor Heneghan

In the spirit of the Eurovision, it was all in good fun.

As far as Eurovision song contests go, the 2017 edition had it all.

It had plenty of, eh, interesting music, loads of colour, a definite sense of ceremony and occasion and an Australian baring his arse to an international audience.

In the end, as you probably know by now, it was Portugal’s Salvador Sobral that ended up taking the spoils with ‘Amar Pelos Dois,’ marking what has been a pretty good 10 months or so for the country in European contests following the football team’s victory at Euro 2016 last summer.

Clip via Eurovision Song Contest

With Ireland’s contestant, Brendan Murray, having failed to qualify for last night’s final, Irish Eurovision viewers were happy to cast critical judgement on the finalists from afar and the response towards the entry from the UK contestant, Lucie Jones, was lukewarm at best.

While the United Kingdom did receive four points from the Irish public via a televote, the Irish jury awarded the UK a grand total of zero points, a rather emphatic statement considering that, in the interests of diplomacy and neighbourly relations, Ireland were always good for a few points from the UK and vice versa.

Brexit. Must be Brexit.

Lucie Jones took to Twitter to throw a playful dig towards Ireland for the lack of love shown to her song last night and, inevitably, there were some digs thrown swiftly back.