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27th Jul 2017

Euron Greyjoy on how his fleet went unnoticed during that superb finale

Paul Moore

He broke his silence. Every Game of Thrones fan was wondering this.

As we’ve previously discussed, Euron Greyjoy’s arrival to confront Yara’s Iron Fleet was one of the most impressive and manic acts of violence in the history of Game of Thrones.

Not only did he kill two of the Sand Snakes in the most gruesome way possible, he also pulled an arrow from his neck, obliterated his enemies with a battle axe and somehow managed to squash someone while ‘surfing’ on top of a gigantic plank that’s decked with spikes.

Now that’s an entrance.

As is the way with various traits from the books that don’t quite make it to the TV show, the character of Euron hasn’t received an awful lot of screen time since he made his debut last season – which is a damn shame because he’s a wonderful villain.

Aside from orchestrating the daring Raid on Lannisport which burned Tywin Lannister’s entire fleet, the younger brother of Balon is impulsive, warped, calculated and utterly fearless.

To be honest, any man that’s willing to cut out the tongues of his crew just to get silence is pretty badass.

After that epic naval battle in which Theon Greyjoy left his sister stranded at sea, plenty of people have been asking one question. How did Yara – an experienced reaver, warrior and captain of an Iron Fleet – manage to get so badly out maneuvered by her uncle?

Surely she must have seen this coming?

While some people have speculated that Euron learned about his niece’s location from a spy in Dany’s war council, others believe that he was successful due to one simple fact, he’s one of the most experienced and deadly sea raiders in the Seven Kingdoms.

It’s also very likely that his Ironborn crew knew members of Yara’s and had scouts watching the Dragonstone ports.

In an interview with Variety, Pilou Asbæk offered up his own funny theory abut why Yara didn’t spot the approaching enemy.

“Why the f— would you want to be on a cold deck where it’s probably raining, when you can sit with a hot chick below deck and kiss her (Ellaria Sand)? I think it answers itself. I know there’s been a little bit of discussion about if they should have been more aware. But the flaws that we have as human beings are the flaws that make a story interesting. If we were 100% correct, we wouldn’t have movies. People have complained that it’s not realistic. Seriously, guys, we have dragons. But I love the discussions, because they’re among the fans. When people discuss things, it’s because they care.”

What is dead may never die.