Emma Thompson's Matilda fat-suit branded 'dehumanising and degrading' 1 month ago

Emma Thompson's Matilda fat-suit branded 'dehumanising and degrading'

'Why on earth would they go with a skinny woman in a fat suit?'

Emma Thompson has sparked debate online over the fact that she wears a fat-suit in the upcoming adaptation of Matilda.


The legendary actress plays the role of the infamous Agatha Trunchbull in Matilda The Musical, which is a modern-day retelling of Roald Dahl's classic children's tale.

The trailer for the film was released last Wednesday, giving fans a first look at the hotly-anticipated film.

In the trailer, Thompson is sporting heavy prosthetics in the role of Miss Trunchbull, the dreaded headteacher of the school.



The Oscar-winning actress is also wearing a suit to make her look larger and heavier than she actually is, and it is this that has upset some people.

On Good Morning Britain, Queen Mojo argued that plus-sized actors carry "an energy" that other actors can't bring to a role, and that roles where the character is overweight should only be played by plus-size actors.


Others seemed to agree, with one person asking "why on earth would they [the studio] go with a skinny woman in a fat suit" for the role.


Someone else said it was "fat phobic" and another labelled it "discomforting."


But others disagreed, saying that prosthetics are just a part of acting, and that actors adopting roles that are different to their real life is exactly what their job is.

One person wrote: "If you’re p**sed about #EmmaThompson in a Fat Suit playing Miss Trunchbull... a character...

"Then be p**sed about #RobinWilliams as Mrs Doubtfire .. a character."

Another argued that Thompson was being made to look "towering" and "muscular" as oppose to fat.

Matilda The Musical is set be released in the UK on December 2 this year.

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