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15th Dec 2017

Emma Barton’s killer reveals what’s next in Emmerdale after shocking twist

Emmerdale fans were left stunned when the killer's identity was revealed

Keeley Ryan

Emmerdale fans were left stunned after Emma Barton’s killer was revealed.

The ‘whodunnit’ storyline on the ITV soap came to an end on Thursday when Moira Dingle was unmasked as the person behind Emma’s fall in October.

It was revealed in a series of flashbacks that, after being taunted over the death of her daughter, Holly, she snapped – shoving Emma off of the viaduct and, ultimately, to her death.

But while crimes in soapland often don’t go unpunished, viewers may be waiting awhile to see justice delivered.

Natalie J Robb, who plays Moira on the show, revealed what’s next for her character after the brutal reveal – and how she feels after signing on for another year.

She told Digital Spy:

“They told me that wasn’t the case. If it happened, it is in the lap of the gods and there is nothing I can do. I have just signed for another year, so you have another year of me yet!

“Robert Sugden has murdered, but he is still here. I was quite grateful to be involved with it, to be honest.

“When they described it to me, it hadn’t been written at that point. I enjoyed all the twists and turns and curveballs. It was nice to be part of that.”

The actress said she had known about the killer twist for Moira from the start, but that soap bosses were planning three alternative endings – so nobody knew for sure.

She added:

“They filmed endings with Ross and Pete being the killer, too.

“They could have even put them on instead at the last minute, but the next six months wouldn’t make sense then!

“Emma wanted Moira to do this from the off. Moira was not being calculative about it.

“She didn’t go to murder Emma, she wanted to bring her down.

“But Emma pushed the wrong buttons – don’t talk about the kids in the wrong way! Don’t push Moira when she’s angry!”

Emma Barton was killed off in October 2017, after she admitted that she killed her husband James.

There had been a number of people who were suspected of pushing her off the viaduct, including Adam, Gabby, Ross and Laurel.

But since Moira had only confessed to her partner Cain, so it’s still not clear if others will be discovering the truth.