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20th Aug 2015

Edinburgh Fringe Festival with new funnyman Lloyd Griffith

Voice of an angel

Lia Nicholls

He’s a classically trained singer-turned-comedian who you may recognise as the horse whisperer in the Ladbrokes adverts.

By day he’s doing a podcast in his pants with pal and comedian Rob Beckett, by night he’s gigging and boozing. Lloyd Griffith has gone in two-footed into the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Here he describes the scene.

For those who are yet to come across your genius, describe yourself and your act?

I’m a funny chubby lad from Grimsby who is also a choirboy as well as a comedian. I just mess this around and have a bit of fun. Most people laugh.

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How have the shows been going so far? How have the audiences been? Are there many hecklers?

Really well. I’m really enjoying doing the show and the Fringe audiences are always nice. You never know who you’re going to get in each day, so it keeps you on your toes. Scottish people actually not as heckly as English I reckon.

Who or what has been your favourite show you’ve seen so far?

Daniel Kitson’s new show Polyphony was incredible. It’s sold out so you’ll have to wait ’til he tours. Highly recommend going to see Rhys James, Adam Hess and Sean McLoughlin too – all have amazing shows.

Daniel Kitson at Greenwich Comedy Festival, 2010

You’ve also been doing a podcast with Rob Beckett during your time there, how’s that been going?

Basically Rob and I decided to do this so we had something else to keep us occupied during the days. We started off very energetic and organised, but now it’s just two blokes in their pants talking in to a laptop with me usually still drunk. People seem to be liking it though, just two mates having a chat.


Have you had many guests popping round to see you?

This week has been family-filled with various mothers, sisters and brothers sleeping on our sofa. Also our mate and fellow comedian Matt Forde doesn’t have a TV in his house, so he’s round a hell of a lot talking over the TV.

Has this year’s festival provided plenty of inspiration for new material?

On the second night, I had eight people walk out of my show, which never really happens. I asked them why? They said it was because I wasn’t doing any filthy or racist jokes. I’ve managed to get a story out of that, I’m still not a racist though.

On a scale of 1-10 how boozy has it been?  

I’d say 7 with potential to rise to 10 by week 3.

On a scale of 1-10, how do you feel right now and why?

6, because of the above. 

Tell us a couple of shenanigans?

Nothing really of note yet as people are still sorting out shows and being well behaved, but come back next week and there’ll be a few superinjunctions…

Describe your experience so far in one sentence?

Absolutely bloody brilliant, sweat and booze fuelled fun.

To listen to Lloyd and Rob’s podcast, go to