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28th Jun 2017

Ed Sheeran has even more good concert news for his fans to celebrate

Paul Moore

This could be the best chance to see Ed Sheeran in ages.

At this stage, we’re certain that one of these three theories are correct about Ed Sheeran.

1) The only reason why he’s gigging so often is that he fancies earning enough money to buy Ronaldo and Messi for his 5-a-side team. 2) He’s secretly in debt to the Mafia and owes them a massive amount. If Ed doesn’t pay up, they’ll break his thumbs. 3) He genuinely loves performing to a massive sold-out crowd and he’s happy to be paid massive money for doing so.

It’s probably the second option.

Fresh from announcing a plethora of dates around Europe, the Glastonbury headliner has even more good news for his fans because aside from sticking two fingers up to the touts, he has promised even more dates during his 2018 tour.

Granted, not everyone is a fan of his tunes, but for those that can’t get enough of Ed, you’ll know that it’s very hard to get tickets to his gigs.

Well, if you’ve been unlucky in the past, it appears that there’s going to be even more opportunities to see the Lego House and Thinking Out Loud singer play live.

Remember, tickets for Sheeran’s gigs go on sale from Saturday, July 8th.

It appears that there will be more venues added to the list that already includes Belfast, London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester.


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