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11th Jul 2017

Ed Sheeran has added four more UK dates due to the incredible demand

Paul Moore

If Ed Sheeran fans missed out on tickets, there’s even more chance now.

We’re confident that Ed Sheeran could roll up into your local town, punch the most famous person that lives there, insult every single person in attendance and still charge people to see it.

We all knew that he’s insanely popular – hell, you don’t headline Glastonbury without the public loving your stuff – but the demand for Ed’s 2018 Divide Tour is absolutely insatiable.

Seriously, are Led Zeppelin reuniting at these gigs or what?

We already knew that Ed was doing his very best to see his fans around the UK and Ireland, but despite Saturday’s announcement of even more gigs, Ed has added four more venues to his tour.

If you got tickets to his gig already then good for you, but for those people that missed out, you’ll be pleased to know that Ed will be playing an additional four nights at Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and Cardiff.

The best of luck if you’re trying to get a ticket.

There’s also a few more dates being added soon, so hope springs eternal.

More uk stadiums announced, this is bonkers x

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