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WATCH: A singing Ed Sheeran makes a cameo performance as Game of Thrones returns for Season 7
It's back (and there are no spoilers in tis article)!

Ed Sheeran might only have sung a couple of lines, but it’s still better than ‘Galway Girl’.

We had to wait long enough for it (and there will be fewer episodes than in previous seasons) but Game of Thrones finally returned to our screens for a seventh season on Sunday night.

Viewers desperate to catch a glimpse in these parts were able to watch the new episode, Dragonstone, if they stayed awake into the early hours of Monday morning, but as many of you reading will probably wait until this evening to catch up, there will be little in the way of spoilers revealed here.

What we can say – and what had been well-flagged before the episode went on air – was that it featured a cameo from Ed Sheeran as a soldier, however unlikely that prospect might seem in real life.

As part of a group of soldiers from King’s Landing having a bite to eat in the woods, Ed is encountered by Arya Stark on horseback, who compliments him on his singing voice as he recites a song that comes directly from George R.R. Martin’s original books.


Arya stops off to dine with Ed and his colleagues and makes a rather bold statement of intent in conversation (not featured in the clip above) that will make for interesting watching in the episodes ahead.

It’s good to have you back, Game of Thrones.

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