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16th Feb 2018

EastEnders viewers were devastated with the goodbye in last night’s episode

It was very emotional

Jade Hayden

It was all very emotional.

It’s not every day that you casually watch a soap and witness a character be sent off to the army with only the clothes on their back.

Generally, that sort of thing would be seen as a bit harsh and unnecessary unless something incredibly tragic happened to a person or persons involved.

You’d think though that if someone only stole 150 quid, the punishment would be slightly less severe than sending them off to the army with no luggage, no food, and essentially no clue as to what was going to happen to them…

But sure look, this is EastEnders and the drama has to be ramped up to keep people happy.

Except people weren’t at all happy when this exact scenario played out last night because it involved Halfway and it was just all a bit tragic really.

The barman, played by Tony Clay, was confronted by Whitney about stealing £150 from the till.

He explained that he did so to pay the Carters back as a thank you for taking him in, which in fairness to her she seemed to understand, but that didn’t stop Halfway from announcing that he was leaving the square forever due to his shame and also maybe because he just wanted to go back to the army?

Looks like his (semi) blossoming romance with Whitney is cancelled then too.


Either way, it was a harsh exit for a guy who’s pretty much stolen the hearts of most viewers.

He literally saluted and walked off with no belongings other than what he was wearing, like.

How upsetting.

Viewers clearly thought so too and they took to Twitter to talk about how angry they were that Halfway was leaving and requested that he be brought back ASAP.

Halfway had only been in the show for about a month too so he very much made an impression on people.

Looks like HalfWhit (gas) may not be happening for the next while then, lads.