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02nd Jan 2017

EastEnders viewers spot one slight problem with Roxy and Ronnie’s swimming pool death

Things just didn't seem to add up.

Mike Wright

Ronnie and Roxy’s watery end caused some confusion with EastEnders viewers last night.

The sisters were clearly a bit worse for wear when they headed down for their fatal dip in the hotel pool at the end of the New Year’s Day episode.

But things seemed to escalate inexplicably quickly after Roxy was left unconscious straight after jumping into the pool.

There were no signs of distress. She was motionless straight after hitting the water.

Then, when Ronnie jumped in to save her, there didn’t seem to be much of a life-or-death struggle before she too succumbed.

Things get a bit more baffling when viewers pointed out we’d already seen the sisters survive a much more perilous, icy water scenario.

Back in 2008 when a distraught Sean Slater kidnapped Roxie and Amy after learning he wasn’t the father, he drove down to an icy lake with the aim of drowning his family.

Luckily Ronnie and Jack got wind and followed. After Roxie managed to coax Sean onto the ice, it gave way plunging them into the frozen water.

Now back then Ronnie was able to dive in after and help save her sister.

So why were the sisters unable to save themselves in the seemly much less fatal environment of a hotel swimming pool?

One explanation mooted by The Metro is that Roxy was in a very fragile state following her relapse into drugs and had also downed plenty of champaign during the day.

So when she jumped into the cold pool it’s plausible that the shock immediately knocked her out. And then when Ronnie followed, the weight of her sodden wedding dress overwhelmed her under the water.

So if there’s one thing we’re taking away from the episode…