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26th Aug 2017

WATCH: EastEnders viewers were all freaked out by the same scene last night

Did you spot this? Very weird indeed

Anna O'Rourke

What was that about?

Tension is building on EastEnders ahead of the upcoming gas explosion, but one thing on last night episode made us very uneasy.

We’ve all been mildly confused by Abi Branning’s crush on her sister’s boyfriend/ stalker Stephen Beale, but Abi took things to a new level last night.

She put on Lauren’s wedding dress and proceeded to dance with a cardboard cutout. As you do.

Things only got weirder when Stephen walked in on her and then kissed her.

Here’s the clip but you might want to watch it from behind your hands, it’s that cringe.

Everyone watching could not wrap their heads around it.

We don’t like where this is headed but we’re dying to find out what happens next.