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02nd Feb 2018

Eastenders viewers are pointing out one thing about Mick’s kidnapping

Kyle Picknell

They couldn’t get over the ‘ridiculous’ scene in last night’s episode.

Eastenders viewers were left baffled last night after Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, was kidnapped and thrown into the back of a van… only to be driven a few hundred yards down the road to a nearby garage.

The journey from the Vic to the Arches is hardly worth calling an Uber for, let alone renting a van for a kidnapping.

It didn’t take long for fans to start venting their frustration on Twitter, with some even taking the very admirable environmentalist stance of “what a waste of petrol”.

The kidnapping had taken place at the end of the previous episode, whilst last night’s plot remained centred around the heist money itself that Mick is accused of stealing.

All the hard hitting questions were asked, such as “who has the heist money?” and “do you have the heist money?”, whilst advanced evasive manoeuvres like “no, I don’t have the heist money” and “that means you must have the heist money” were deployed in response.

It all just seemed to take its toll on weary viewers.