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25th Dec 2016

EastEnders viewers are furious about recasting of fan favourite

You don't mess with iconic characters

Nooruddean Choudry

The question must surely be asked: Why?

You don’t replace a legendary icon with a random face in the crowd – Manchester United plumping for David Moyes after Sir Alex Ferguson retired proved that. But EastEnders have fallen ‘fowl’ of the same mistake and viewers aren’t happy.

Saturday’s episode saw the character of Michelle Fowler return to Albert Square after more than twenty years away, but you wouldn’t know by looking at her because it was a completely different actress playing the role this time round.

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Susan Tully famously depicted Michelle on the soap for 18 years, before the character left Walford in 1995 to start a new life in the US. But now she’s back in the Square and the show’s producers have decided to recast her with Jenna Russell.

Sharon Mitchell was on hand to make clear who the mysterious stranger was, and it’s a good thing too, otherwise no one would have been any the wiser. The fans will take some time to get used to this…