EastEnders 'Series 2' begins tonight 4 months ago

EastEnders 'Series 2' begins tonight

Yes, series 2

EastEnders is back for its second series tonight, following a Covid-induced hiatus.

The promotion of its return as the start of 'Series 2' sparked conversation on social media. Has it all been one continuous series since it began in 1985? Well, yes. It's a soap, they don't adhere to the usual series/seasons (depending which side of the Atlantic you're on) structures.

The show only stopped due to the pandemic, and what better way to get people hyped and intrigued than calling it 'series 2', a whole 35 years after its first episode? It worked on me.

As soaps return to our screens, they will of course try to tackle the pandemic in their storylines, with references to social distancing measures and other lifestyle changes we have all had to make. But EastEnders are expected to tackle the issue of domestic violence and the rise in reported cases during the months of lockdown.

I won's spoil the plot, but the show is going to return with a bang and explore the more harrowing themes of normal life, as it always has done.

Watch the new 'series' at 8:05pm on BBC One.