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23rd Mar 2018

EastEnders ‘back to its best’ following Kat Slater’s epic return

James Dawson

People were absolutely loving last night’s episode.

Obviously, like all soaps, EastEnders can be pretty rubbish – but even people who don’t usually watch it, found yesterday’s episode of the show hilarious, due to Kat Slater’s return.

Viewers took especial delight in one-liners from Stacey, Big Mo and Jean, as each of them kept up the pretence of Kat being dead.

Standout moments included Big Mo pretending that she was dead inside a coffin, as well as the Slater family having to entertain Ian Beale while Kat was forced to hide inside a cupboard.

It all culminated in a brawl at the Queen Vic, after Kat walked into the benefit night, which was intended to raise money for her own funeral.

Discovering the entire thing was a charade, characters then demanded an apology from Mo, who faked a heart attack in response.

A thoroughly pissed off Karen Taylor described Big Mo as an “old bag”, but Kat told Karen to “get out of her face”, before shoving her onto a table and sending pints flying.

Chaos then descended on the pub, with plates flying everywhere and Winston getting punched by Martin after he accidentally bumped into Stacey.

Naturally, it got a positive response on social media: