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25th Jan 2018

Eastenders fans shocked by ‘crude insult’ thrown in midst of fight

James Dawson

It was all kicking off.

It’s safe to say that Sonia Fowler and Stacey Fowler weren’t hanging about on last night’s episode of EastEnders.

Sonia found out about Stacey’s affair with Max Branning – and a war of words quickly got physical on the streets of Walford.

Martin Fowler had thrown Stacey out earlier in the week but the best, as they say, was yet to come.

On Wednesday’s episode of the soap he revealed why he’d given her the boot right in the middle of the Square.

“She jumped into bed with that bald git,” he revealed to Sonia.

Sonia then lashed out: “It’s meant to be the turkey that gets stuffed at Christmas.”

Adding: “Three kids by three dads and you ain’t even 30 yet…your morals are as loose as your knickers!”

And then it was clobberin’ time.

But following the scrap, viewers on social media picked up on the ‘crude’ turkey-based insult Sonia had thrown out before the showdown.

To be fair, it might not be the most wholesome comment in the world, but personally I rate that Sonia’s first response to finding her ex-husband’s partner was banging someone else was a spot of banter.