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26th Jan 2017

EastEnders fans are reeling after what Max Branning came out with tonight

People were not expecting this.

Cathy Donohue

It’s all drama in EastEnders this week.

The bus crash sent Albert Square into emergency mode this week and tonight came another bombshell, with this one mainly concentrated on Max Branning.

Since Max arrived back in the East End following his stint in prison, it seemed like he was a new man, trying to be friends with pretty much everyone.

However, as we all probably knew, this behaviour was simply too good to be true.

Tonight, Max revealed that he’s planning serious revenge on the other residents and it seems that the Vic could be the main target.

All know far is that Max met a complete stranger and they had words about shady dealings.

The plot thickens and of course, viewers were left wondering what is going to down next.

So many questions:

Did Max deliberately cause the bus crash?

What’s he planning next?

Who does he want to get even with?

When is all the disaster set to happen?

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