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21st Feb 2018

EastEnders fans reckon they’ve ‘missed an episode’ after grim scene

James Dawson

People took to social media to voice their concerns and were genuinely confused about what had gone on.

What in the blue hell is going on with these Soaps recently? I mean, fair enough they’ve never been the most wholesome TV in the world, but they seem to be on some next level shit right now.

Over on Corrie we have Pat Phelan who, as far as I can discern, is being kept on our TV screens purely to offer the British public the idea that you can kill, repeatedly, without any consequences for your actions.

Then on EastEnders – which isn’t going balls to the wall with the disturbing #content like Coronation Street is, but is still going pretty hard – we have characters waking up lying on the floor of the pub toilets.

Just to recap, following Abi Branning’s funeral on Friday, we kicked off things yesterday night with Tina Carter on the Queen Vic floor, having apparently also got herself a new tattoo.

People on social media weren’t happy with the opening, finding the whole thing jarring and thinking it made little since.

*To the tune of ‘Panic’ by The Smiths*: Sack the writers (sack the writers), sack the writers (sack the writers), sack the writers, sack the writers, sack the writers… sack the writers.