EastEnders fans have ripped into the soap for 'copying' Corrie 11 months ago

EastEnders fans have ripped into the soap for 'copying' Corrie

This has to have been a mistake, right?

If you're a long-time soap obsessive (this is a judgement-free space, by the way), you might have picked up on something odd in last night's episode of EastEnders.

Poor Stacey Fowler has been through the ringer lately, having had a seizure last week and gone into early labour.

She's recovering in hospital with her newborn daughter, though the baby was put on a respirator after being born premature during an emergency C-section.

As she worried that she couldn't bond with the child, her husband Martin her to talk about choosing a name for the little girl.

They settled on the name Hope - the same name that Fiz Stape gave her premature baby girl in Coronation Street in 2010.

Viewers pointed out that the name - and reason behind it - felt a little familiar.


Others criticised the show for opting for a rather obvious name.