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23rd May 2018

EastEnders fans furious with Mick after ‘ridiculous’ moment on last night’s episode

Keeley Ryan

Fans weren’t happy

EastEnders fans were left fuming last night after Mick Carter mistook Shakil Kazemi, who had been brutally attacked, for being drunk.

Recent scenes on the BBC soap showed Keegan Taylor and Shakil attacked by a gang in an alley, after Keegan had enraged them by stealing their bike.

On Tuesday, a bleeding Shakil had managed to get himself to the Queen Vic in a search for help – only for Mick to dismiss him for being drunk.

The teenager saw the pub landlord as he was pulling himself along the flowerpots outside, which is when Mick confronted him.

As Shakil clutched as his wounded side, a disgruntled Mick asked: “What’s the matter with you?”

However, since it was so dark outside, Mick couldn’t seem to tell that Shakil had been attacked.

He then told him that he “can’t have underage drinkers in here”, before adding: “I could lose my license, alright?”

He turned around and went back into the pub, locking the door and leaving Shakil helpless outside.

The teenager was seen desperately crying out for help, before collapsing out of view.

After Shakil’s fate following the storyline was recently confirmed, fans took to social media to slam Mick for the error.