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08th Jan 2018

Eastenders fans are in shock as a major character returns

Cathy Donohue

It takes a lot to shock Eastenders fans.

Actually no it doesn’t. But still. This was huge. Genuinely.

Because Tiffany F*****g Butcher (real name Tiffany Butcher) returned to Eastenders during Monday’s show and, although many fans claimed to know her comeback was on the horizon, they still couldn’t get over how much she has changed.

When Tiffany left Albert Square, she was in primary school so it’s hard to know why anyone was surprised that she looked so different. She was hardly going to still look like a child FFS. Did they think the makers of Eastenders had her cryogenically frozen so that she could potentially return at a later date and not confuse anyone at home?

It seems maybe they did.

Though more than that people thought she looked like Bianca. Altogether now: Riiiccckkkyyyyyyyyyyyy.

While many other just confirmed what they saw with their own eyes. Tiffany is back. Hell yeah.