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20th Feb 2018

EastEnders actress joins Game of Thrones for Season 8

Paul Moore

From Walford to Westeros.

Given the fact that EastEnders and Game of Thrones can frequently be the most depressing shows on the planet, a crossover between both seemed inevitable. Hell, if any show can rival GOT in terms of its death count, surely it’s the residents of Albert Square!

In HBO’s superb fantasy drama, we now know that winter is here and the dead come with it. At present, Jon Snow and Daenerys are desperately scrambling to protect The North from the Night King’s army and if they need any help, Grant Mitchell’s daughter is on hand.

Hell, surely the Mitchell brothers could sort out the White Walkers?

Sadly, Grant and Phil won’t be appearing in Season 8 but Alice Nokes, who played Grant Mitchell’s daughter Courtney in 2016, has been heavily linked with a role in the smash-hit show.

The superb Game of Thrones fan site Watchers on the Wall discovered that Nokes’ online CV states that she’ll be appearing in an episode that’s directed by David Nutter – which means that it’s episode 1, 2 or 4 of the new season – and that her character will be called Willa.

The casting news appears to have been confirmed by an Instagram photo from fellow actress Danielle Galligan (she’s also in Season eight) – showing Nokes in Belfast.