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28th Nov 2016

Eagle-eyed viewers spot Sharon Osbourne’s instructions about the act she’s sending home

Plenty of people noticed this

Nooruddean Choudry

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

Honey G is no more and that’s probably for the best. The X Factor act who can be described in very loose and probably libellous terms as a ‘rapper’ was finally voted off the ‘talent’ show over the weekend, to much national relief.

This was despite her mentor Sharon Osbourne passionately fighting her corner, and pleading with her fellow judges to keep the controversial (or ‘crap’) performer in contention for another week. In fairness it was always a losing battle.

But according to a bunch of very eagle-eyed viewers, Sharon had some help of her own in telling the nation who she preferred to stay on the show. And with millions of people watching with baited breath at home, we don’t blame her.

Shazza was mocked because her notes were evident for all to see during the live weekend broadcast – if only for a split-second – and they laid out, in the most basic terms possible, exactly what she should say before announcing her decision.

The notes read in huge font: ‘THE NAME OF THE ACT I AM SENDING HOME IS…’ with SENDING HOME underlined, just in case there’s some confusion as to where they would be sent.

We won’t have a bad thing said against Sharon. Sure it would seem like a pretty obvious and simple thing to say without the need of giant instructions, but what if the judges messed up and somehow kept keeping the wrong person in every week – wouldn’t that be embarrassing…