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31st Mar 2016

Dynamo’s live show came to a cringing halt when a trick went wrong on stage

Matt Tate

You can be the greatest magician on planet earth, but there’s no spell to fix crap phone signal.

Unfortunately for Dynamo – real name Steven Frayne – the dreaded ‘No Service’ message took the shine off one of his tricks during a gig at London’s O2 Arena.

He had invited a few audience members on stage to help perform the trick, and everything started impressively. A guy called Tom (slightly reluctantly) handed over his phone and the magician somehow made it re-appear in a glass bottle.

The big finish was supposed to come when the girl joining Tom on stage rang his phone inside the bottle. The only problem was that she had no signal. Neither, apparently, did the backup he turned to in the audience.

After a number of failed attempts, Dynamo explained: “It’s a live magic show people, anything could happen.”

A quick fix may have been to turn the phone off and on again, but that was obviously out of the question. O2 will just hope he wasn’t signed up with them – bit awkward.