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14th Dec 2016

New trailer for Christopher Nolan’s WWII epic ‘Dunkirk’ is stirring and spectacular

Featuring a drowning Harry Styles, if that's your flavour.

Rich Cooper

A new Christopher Nolan movie is always worth getting excited about, and the latest trailer has ramped up the excitement once again.

The first teaser trailer didn’t give much away, but its poignant visuals and tense pacing whipped everyone up into a frenzy. Mind you, if Christopher Nolan dropped a trailer for a movie about the inside of a pot plant, people would go bananas for it.

Now we have a two-minute trailer to pore over and analyse every detail of.

Okay, now we’re excited.

Dunkirk is the story of the Dunkirk evacuation (code-named Operation Dynamo) that took place in France during World War II. Allied soldiers were surrounded by the German army and a rescue attempt was launched, calling up a hastily-assembled flotilla of fishing boats merchant vessels and pleasure boats.

The movie has a seriously heavyweight cast: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh all star, alongside a young unknown by the name of Harry Styles. It’s hard to predict what effect casting a nobody like Styles will have on the box office numbers – we will just have to wait and see.

Dunkirk is set to be released in July 2017 in IMAX, 70mm, 35mm and digital.